large number of sarkari job came in Panchayat.

A very happy news has come from the Bihar government, the Bihar government has decided that the selection process should be started on all the vacant posts in all the panchayats. So that all the vacant posts are filled, all the vacant posts in all the panchayats of all the districts of our Bihar should be scrutinized and processed for all the posts as soon as possible so that no post remains vacant. But the process of appointing all the employees should be done as soon as possible. It is the order of the Bihar government that as soon as possible, vacancies should be taken in all the panchayats in all the districts of Bihar. All the vacant posts should be filled as soon as possible. To get all such updates, you stayed on our blog so that we can give you all the information first. To get any official information first, you should always stay on our blog, we will definitely give you all the information and give it first. Thank you for being on our blog