Rice bran has been sown in 36 lakh hectare area across the state. So far, plantation has been done in eight lakh hectare area. Overall about 22.22% funds have been planted across the state so far. Lowest in Bhagalpur division 1. 5% of the money has been planted. 3-3% in Magadha and Munger divisions, 9% in Patna division, 27% in Saran division, 50% in Tirhut, 15% in Darbhanga, 45% in Saharsa and maximum 55% in Purnia.

More than 90% of the poor were inserted

Paddy pulses have been distributed in the designated areas in all the divisions of the state. 97% in Patna division, 89% in Magadha, 99% in Saran, 98% in Tirhut

In Darbhanga, 95% in Munger, 95% in Bhagalpur, 98% in Saharsa and 97% in Purnia, paddy clay straw has been sown. Has started since.

`Planting 4% more than last year

According to the Agriculture Department, this year so far, four percent more paddy has been planted than last year. Same, this year the rain has also been said to be fine since last year. Last year till this time there was 40 per cent less rainfall. There has been 33% less rainfall this year. In such a situation, there is a possibility of planting good paddy this time as compared to last year.

All eyes on the coming week for rain

There is no possibility of happiness in the state at present in the departmental figures. But, the coming one week will be decisive for paddy cultivation. If there is no good rain for the next seven days, paddy cultivation will be affected. According to the Agriculture Department, July 31 is the ideal time for paddy planting. Paddy was planted till August 15 last year. For this reason, there is a lot of scope for improvement in paddy cultivation.Read more ...